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Mitsubishi fixed speed rotary RE154VHSMT Compressors

Mitsubishi fixed speed rotary RE154VHSMT Compressors

Mitsubishi Rotary RE154VHSMT

Fixed Speed Rotary Compressors

Inverter-driven system promotes maximum compressor efficiency. The system detects subtle temperature changes and automatically adjust its capacity output. These lead to stabilizing temperature, minimizing power consumption and optimizing humidity control.

R-407C Fixed Speed Rotary Compressor

Models Capacity Input Norminal Output COP EER Run Cap Weight Oil
W Kcl/hr Btu/hr Watt Amps HP kW W/W Btu/hr* w mF/VAC kgs cc
RE154VHSMT 2580 2218 8803 840 3.80 1.0 0.75 3.07 10.48 25/370 13.2 300

Operation Standards R-407C Fixed speed rotary compressor

Model RE Series PE Series NE Series
Type Rolling piston type rotary
Displacement (mc3/rev) 13.5-31.3 28.1-41.7 28.0-56.9
Refrigerant type R-407C
Maximum Condensing 1.10 MPaG ~2.83 MPaG (159.5 psiG - 410.4 psiG)
Evaporating 0.26 MPaG ~0.73 MPaG (37.7 psiG - 105.9 psiG)
Compression Ratio 6 or less 8 or less
Abnormal rise in pressure 4.9 MPaG (710.6psiG) or less
Condensing 28°C ~ 65°C
Evaporating -10°C ~ 15°C
Discharged gas max 120°C (248°F)
In case of heat pump or de-humidipier, this limit is 110°C (230°F)
Suction gas max must be over 0°C (No liquid back)
Discharged gas superheat 20°C or more
Outdoor ambient temp Air cond : 20°C~43°C (68°F~109.4°F)
Heat pump: -10°C~43°C(14°F~109.4F)
Supply voltage (during operation) Rated voltage + or - 10%
Starting voltage Maximum 80% of rated voltage
(at 1.01 MPa balancing pressure in case of 208-230 v Rated voltage (N code compressor) the starting voltage shall be 85% or more . This shall be measured at compressor terminal at instance of start.)
Reverse phase (rotation) Compressor is not designed to run reverse phase
Frequency range Rated frequency + or - 2%
ON/OFF Frequency Less than 170000 cycles
ON/OFF Cycle The ON/OFF cycle shall be amximum of 10 times/hr
OFF time shall be the time until the high side and low side pressure reach to balance pressure (more than 3 minuts)
Pipe Stress 3.5Kg/mm2 or less at start and stom conditions
(1.8 kg/mm2 during operation)
Refrigerant Circuit
Piping Vibration Maximum 0.8mm
Inclination of compressor Within 5°

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