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mitsubishi compressors

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Under Mitsubishi Electric Technology, rotary compressors have a smoothly operating system, with a great performance and durability even in a tough environment zone, suitably match for variety of applications such as air-conditioning, heat pump, refrigerating showcase and ice making machine.

Efficiency: Mitsubishi has developed and designed full line-up range of superior performance compressorto serve variety of applications. This is because of Mitsubishi R&D technology advancement, modernized production processand high- gradedmaterial selection.

Alternative Refrigerant: Since Mitsubishi pays high respect to the nature and environment, Mitsubishi has developed new compressors for environmental friendly refrigerants, R-410A, R-32 and R-290 which all have low GWP and ODP rate to make sustainable world.


R-290 Fixed Speed Scroll

Compact Scroll Inverter Injection

R-134a Fixed Speed Scroll

R-410A Fixed Speed Scroll

Inverter twin rotary compressor

R-32 Fixed Speed Rotary

R-410A Fixed Speed Rotary

Rotary Compressor for Ice Making Machine

Fixed Speed






Compressor Rack


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